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Every day, more and more people are being sexually abused by their therapists. If you check the disciplinary matters page for the Maryland Board of Professional Therapist and Counselors website, you will see that month after month, year after year therapists are being temporarily suspended for sexually abusing their clients. Therapist abuse needs to be a crime! Please support this initiative by signing the petition!


Exploitation Nation!

This Lynette’s Law production exposes the mental health industry’s secrets of sex offenders, violent felons, and predatory state-hoppers working in the profession and the false promises of safety that have been made.



Connecting the Dots: Sex Trafficking and Therapist Abuse

Watch the video and read the article. The dots are connected in an eerie comparison of the psychological symptoms of trauma of sex trafficking and therapist abuse.

Effects of therapist abuse eerily similar to those of sex trafficking

Powerfully Dynamic Speech: “I Will Not Cry”

Lynette’s Law founder Heather Sinclair stamped yesterday’s HB 33 hearing with an exclamation point with a resounding speech that people are still talking about. She titled it “I Will Not Cry” — and she didn’t — but she managed to get everyone else choked up. Watch this emotionally moving, passionate, and evocative speech below:

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The Latest Powerful Lynette’s Law Video

The latest Lynette’s Law video is a powerful montage depicting how rampant sexual exploitation by mental health professionals and therapist abuse has been just in the short time that Lynette’s Law has been fighting for the victims of these horrors!

Lynette’s Law Roars Back as HB 33

The House Bill number for Lynette’s Law this year has been designated as 33! Mike Ricksecker’s latest article describes this years focus and what Heather Sinclair and Lynette’s Law uncovered since the last legislative session:

It passed the Maryland House of Delegates last year unanimously 135-0 as HB 60 but the criminal portion of Lynette’s Law, a measure that would criminalize the sexual exploitation and abuse of mental health professionals against their patients, was shockingly drawer vetoed by State Senator Brian Frosh who prohibited the bill from even being voted upon in the Senate in 2013. Lynette’s Law founder Heather Sinclair vowed to bring the bill back in 2014 and has made good on her word, now armed with additional information and support that she didn’t have last year, and once again sponsored by Delegate Michael Smigiel.

“It wasn’t brought to my attention until a few days before session ended last year that there had been a sexual exploitation task force by the legislature back in the 1990s that researched this epidemic, made recommendations, and passed laws that have been ignored for the past fifteen years,” recounted Sinclair. “Had these things been enforced then this would have never happened to me or to so many others.”

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2013 Bill HB 56 Accomplishment

Last year the Lynette’s Law Bill HB 56 for background checks passed and was signed into law by Governor Martin O’Malley. This law was finally put into effect January 1, 2014 by Maryland’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. This is the first step in making sexual exploitation by mental health professionals a crime in the state of Maryland.

Take a look at it here!

Founder’s Radio Interview Now on Podcast

If you didn’t get a chance to listen to Heather Sinclair’s Woman Talk Live radio interview with Ann Quasman on WBCM on December 21 then listen to it on podcast now!

Lynette’s Law founder Heather Sinclair being interviewed by Ann Quasman of WomanTalk Live on WCBM radio.

Founder to be Interviewed on Woman Talk Live!

Lynette’s Law founder Heather Sinclair will be interviewed on Dec. 21 at 6:00 PM on the WCBM show Woman Talk Live with Ann Quasman. Tune in or listen online and show your support! All the details are below:

THIS WEEK on WomanTalk Live: Heather Sinclair is the founder of Lynette’s Law 4 Maryland - a grassroots movement that seeks to spread awareness about sexual exploitation by mental health professionals.

12/21/13 Lynette’s Law – Catching the Professional Predator

Ann Quasman’s WomanTalk Live

Saturday, 6:07 pm ET on Talkradio 680 WCBM Baltimore or “Listen Live” at OR download the WCBM iPhone or Android app

Broken Boundaries Booklet Now Available

Fifteen years ago the Maryland General Assembly and the Governor established the Task Force to Study Health Professional-Client Exploitation to examine the problem Maryland was having with professionals becoming sexually involved with their patients and the negative consequences. Sadly, while the task force recognized this was becoming a growing epidemic and made specific recommendations for change (more on that later) the State and the Boards completely dropped the ball and the problem is more prevalent than ever.

Surviving from that task force is a booklet that was produced titled “Broken Boundaries: Sexual Exploitation in the Professional-Client Relationship” which offers information about boundaries and guidance about sexual exploitation in a professional-client environment, including therapists. Lynette’s Law for Maryland is now providing that booklet to view here!

–> Read Broken Boundaries: Sexual Exploitation in the Professional-Client Relationship <–

Still with no License, Claims to be Health Psychologist

Richard J. O’Meara never has been nor is he currently a “health psychologist.” He was at one time a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor before he voluntarily surrendered his license in 2012 in lieu of charges for therapy sex abuse. Yet, here he is, still practicing without a license and claiming on that he is a health psychologist — and the board continues to do nothing about it.

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